Client POV: AT&T and the Latino Market

This past summer, AT&T launched an advertising and social media marketing campaign that addresses the multi-cultural lives of young Latinos. The campaign, which began July 21 is called #BetweenTwoWorlds and is a part of AT&T’s larger millennial outreach strategy called The Mobile Movement. This campaign includes YouTube video ads along with a Tumblr page. The first ad for AT&T’s new Latino movement campaign and the one I focus on is a video commercial that explores the lives of young Latinos and their unique backgrounds. This ad focuses on the idea of “Spanglish” – a mix between Spanish and English languages that young Latinos speak. They are fluent in both languages and often use both languages in the same sentence.

The ad and social media campaign is clever and effective. I think that it is smart that AT&T does not focus on price promotions or attractive new products to get interest from young Latinos, but rather, concentrates on the culture and lives of young Latinos in the modern digital world. This ad also does a very good job at displaying the ways in which young Latinos behave and the lifestyles they live and how they incorporate American culture and language with the language of their heritage or home country. I also admire this strategy from AT&T because they do not use music stars or popular Latino celebrities to market the brand. Instead, they position the #BetweenTwoWorlds campaign by going straight to the consumer. I think this particular ad resonates with the Latino consumer because it pays attention to their cultural background and lets the young Latino market share its own story about what it is like to live in a bi-cultural world.

While AT&T’s #BetweenTwoWorlds ad is effective and ties in to the entire social media marketing campaign, it may seem staged and a bit repetitive. I enjoyed the commercial, but I did think it dragged on too long and caused me to lose a little bit of interest towards the very end. Ad critics also might question some of the authenticity from some of the actors in the ad and inquire how much of what was said was scripted or staged by AT&T. I still believe that compared to the many other mobile advertisements today, this ad stands out and feels authentic and real.

Overall, I think the ad and AT&T successfully channels the behavior and culture of many young Latinos in a multi-cultural and connected environment. I think the ad enables AT&T to connect with a huge demographic and provides its customers with the power to share what it is like to be a young Latino in an inter-connected and bilingual world. Many studies have indicated that young Latinos are more likely than other millennials to consume digital content through mobile devices, so it is clear that AT&T did their research and was able to develop a strategy to promote the brand.